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Sardinia a Journey by Car

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Enrico Massetti

Sardinia: David Herbert Lawrence, the famous English writer, loved Italy. He traveled through it far and wide, often on foot. Sardinia inspired him, and he dedicated his excellent book to it, Sea and Sardinia, where he wrote: Sardinia is left outside of time and history. Of course, nowhere is left outside of time and history.

Would you like to see all of Sardinia in just one week’s car journey? This guide will help you go around the entire island, with clear color maps that indicate the distance and time between places, in addition to photos of the localities. It gives you the route to follow between the different stages.

Do you have more days available for your Sardinian vacation? Of course, you can spend them at your favorite beach; the guide describes the most beautiful and significant ones all over the coast and gives you indications on how to reach them from the stopovers.

Do you want to expand your knowledge of Sardinia beyond just the beaches? I suggest alternative days for tours with old restored narrow-gauge train lines that allow you to relax for one day without driving. At the same time, you are in the uncontaminated natural environment of Sardinia's interior.

Also, I list experiences with mountain guides that can show you the mountains of Sardinia and their beauty as possible activities for alternative days.

Do not miss boat tours of the La Maddalena Archipelago, guided boat days on Eastern Sardinia beaches, or visited natural caves; they are listed at the right place when your path crosses these possibilities.

Barbagia is covered: you should spend a few days visiting these remote localities that until not too long ago were just considered a place where the “bandits” were living.

Each location that the route passes through also has a list of meaningful local tourist destinations and attractions you can explore and visit on your own.

It contains reviews on many restaurants in the towns covered by the guide.

With the guide organized circularly, you can start from Olbia or any other city to arrive via air or ferry.

Author Enrico Massetti

Language English

Publisher Massetti Publishing Washington DC, USA

Paperback: 107 color Pages Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

112 color images

ISBN 978-1-716-50867-7

French edition

Portuguese edition

English edition

Spanish edition

Italian edition

 Table of contents

Enrico Massetti i

Acknowledgments 1

Restaurants reviews 1

Links to the establishments’ websites 1

Nature, Art, and beaches in Sardinia 1

Sardinia Beaches 3

Olbia 4

What to do or see in Olbia 4

Where to eat in Olbia 5

Porto Cervo 6

Arzachena beaches 7

What to do or see in Arzachena 8

Palau 9

Porto Cervo - La Maddalena 11

What to do or see in La Maddalena 12

Where to eat in La Maddalena 12

Alternative Day: a boat tour in the archipelago 13

Alternative Day: Trenino Verde 14

Santa Teresa di Gallura 15

Alternative night at Tempio Pausania 15

Rena Majore della Nurra beach 16

Porto Torres 18

What to do or see in Porto Torres 19

Where to eat in Porto Torres 19

La Pelosa Beach - Stintino 20

Sassari 22

What to do or see in Sassari 23

Where to eat in Sassari 23

Gastronomic excellence in Sassari 24

Alghero 25

What to do or see in Alghero 26

Where to eat in Alghero 27

Alghero Beaches - Mugoni beach 28

Alghero Beaches - Le Bombarde beach 28

Macomer 30

What to do or see in Macomer 31

Where to eat in Macomer 31

Alternative Day: Trenino Verde 33

Oristano 34

What to do and see in Oristano 35

Where to eat in Oristano 35

Oristano Beaches - Porto Alabe 37

Oristano Beaches - Is Arenas 38

Oristano Beaches - S’Archittu 39

Oristano Beaches - Is Aruttas 40

What to do in Cabras 41

Gastronomic excellence in Cabras 42

Gastronomic excellence in Mount Arci Preserve 43

Iglesias 44

What to do or see in Iglesias 45

Where to eat in Iglesias 46

Best beaches near Iglesias - Cala Domestica 47

Best beaches near Iglesias - Scivu Beach 48

Sant’Antioco - Calasetta 49

Cagliari 50

What to do or see in Cagliari 51

Where to eat in Cagliari 52

The best Cagliari beaches - Poetto Beach 53

The best Cagliari beaches - La Maddalena - Piscinnì 55

A tour in Nuraghi country 57

Sorgono 59

Alternative Day: Trenino Verde. 61

Nuoro 62

What to do or see in Nuoro, 63

Where to eat in Nuoro 63

Discover Barbagia and its people 64

Mamoiada 65

What to do or see in Mamoiada 66

Alternative Days: mountains with coop goloritze 67

Daily Wild Trekking 67

Orgosolo 69

What to do or see in Orgosolo 70

Oliena 71

Gavoi 72

Alternative Day: Cala Goloritzè from Nuoro 74

Alternative Day: enjoy the Sea or the Grotto! Nuoro best beaches - Dorgali - Cala Ziu Martine 75

Orosei 76

What to do or see in Orosei 77

Where to eat in Orosei 77

The beaches in Orosei 78

Best Orosei beaches - Berchida 79

Best Orosei beaches - Cala Ginepro 80

Best Orosei beaches - La Caletta 81

Best Orosei beaches - Cala Fuili 82

Capo Comino 83

San Teodoro beach 84

Back to Olbia 85

Where to sleep in Sardinia 86

Other info from Sardegna Turismo 86

How to get to Sardinia 88

Where to rent a car 90

Sardinia Food & Recipes 91

Sardinia Recipes 94

Other tourism guides 97 97

The Author 97

Travel books written by the same author: 99

Things to Know 103

Table of contents 109