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YOGA Through Dance in Primary Schools

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Ivana Brigliadori

YOGA Through Dance in Primary Schools (From Unsung Heroes to Asana)

Translated by: Vittorio Felaco VRF Translations

In July 2007, thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education and the National Yoga Confederation, the ancient meditative and ascetic art based on the sequential combination of positions (ASANA) and spiritual reflection linked to listening to one's breath and a greater awareness of one's existence in the "here and now" as body and soul, officially enters schools, leading to the development of new pedagogical and educational projects that can help children, teens but also adults to find themselves through yoga. This need is more urgent as the space in which our children (and not only them, alas...) act and live is becoming more virtual, a society bent on the flowing image, on the uncontrolled sedimentation of moments that we do not realize we are living, a society that pays little attention to children as children but as recipients of consumer goods whose advertising bombards their mothers.