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Turin and its Mountains

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Enrico Massetti wrote this book with 61 color images.

Turin, the regional capital of Piedmont, is reputed to be a magical city. And it can only be by magic that a city, considered the capital of Italian heavy industry (FIAT, one of the biggest automobile producers in the world, is based here), is also one of Italy's main tourist attractions.

Of course, there are good reasons for this. The Holy Shroud, the old linen winding-sheet in which, according to tradition, the body of Christ was after the crucifixion, is kept in Turin's cathedral. There is also the Egyptian Museum at Turin, which contains an extraordinary collection of art from Ancient Egypt, and the Sabauda Gallery, full of masterpieces by great European artists.

Finally, at Turin, there are some tremendous, monumental testimonies of the vital role played by Piedmont in modern Italian history, as the seat of the House of Savoy (the reigning dynasty of Italy until 1946) and the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy: The Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama, the Mole Antonelliana, and the Royal Villa at Stupinigi.

The natural landscape is splendid and varied: mountains, valleys, hills (the Langhe are famous as the setting for many stories by Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio, favorite writers from Piedmont), lakes (Maggiore, with Stresa, d'Orta, di Viverone), and the Valgrande National Park.

This booklet guides Turin for a visit lasting two, three, or more days, with extensive descriptions and photos of museums, churches, nightlife, and other attractions. In addition, it contains reviews of places where to eat. It has sections covering single or half days, so you can combine several areas depending on the length of your stay and your preference for what o see.

Produced by Massetti Publishing Washington DC, USA

ISBN 978-1-365-68478-4

Language English
Book, 98 Page

Table of content

Enrico Massetti

Table of content


Torino + Piemonte Card

Turin Architecture

Baroque Turin

Turin Grand tour: 1800 to today

Turin Architecture

Mole Antonelliana

Modern Turin

Contemporary Turin

Turin Art and culture

Turin Museums

Turin Egyptology Museum

Turin Historic cafés

Caffè Al Bicerin

Caffe’ Baratti & Milano

Caffè Elena

Caffè Piatti

Caffè Fiorio

Caffè Miretti

Caffè San Carlo

Caffè Mulassano

Caffè Neuv Caval ‘D Brons

Caffè Torino

Confetteria Stratta

Caffè Pepino

Confetteria Avvignano

Turin Chocolate

Turin Markets

Porta Palazzo Market

Balôn and Gran Balôn

The Shroud of Turin

Turin nightlife


Quadrilatero Romano

Borgo Dora

Docks Dora

The origins of the Dora warehouses

Slow Food

Where to eat in Turin

Stupinigi, a small hunting hut


Olympic Turin

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Village

Media Village

Media center

Turin Piedmont Media center

Turin Palaghiaccio

Turin Esposizioni

Oval Lingotto

Medals Plaza

Turin – Getting in and around

Getting to Turin by plane

Getting to Turin by train

Getting to Turin by car

Getting around Turin by public transportation

Bicycling in Turin

Getting around Turin by bicycle

  1. Bike paths in the Parco della Mandria
  2. Turin cycle path along the Ceronda
  3. Bike paths in the Pellerina Park
  4. Bike paths in the Chico Mendes Park
  5. Crown of delights

Getting around Turin by car

Tips for renting a car in Turin

Getting around Turin by taxi

Navigating the Po River

City Sightseeing

Turin Olympic mountains


Cesana – San Sicario



Sauze d’Oulx


Turin is one day from Milan.

Turin and Piedmont Food & Recipes

Specialty Foods of Piedmont

Typical food from Piedmont includes:

Piedmont Recipes

Other tourism guides

The Author

Things to Know