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The Amalfi Coast

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Enrico Massetti

It is a small book about the Amalfi Coast, undoubtedly the most spectacular and beautiful coastline in Italy. Moorish-style villages cling to the dramatic jagged cliffs perched over the rippling waves below.

The air is scented with lemons and wild herbs, and of course, the sea is fresh. The villages that string along the Amalfi Coast have cobblestoned streets lined with bougainvillea-covered villas, Arabic arches, and many corners with million-dollar views.

The magic of the Costa Amalfitana is that while it is a magnet for jet setters and home to many ultra-luxuries five-star hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, and yachts, which characterizes the region is its effortless Mediterranean simplicity.

You can base an unforgettable weekend at a romantic small hotel in Positano.

Food and wine are highlights of the Amalfi Coast and should always focus on your tours.

For example, fresh seafood, juicy vegetables drizzled in olive oil, aromatic local wines â this is the materia prima or raw material for which the region is rightly famous.

Local gastronomic includes creamy Mozzarella di Bufala and Limoncello made with ripe Sorrento lemons and San Marzano tomatoes (known worldwide).

Above all, traditional dishes are delicious and straightforward. They include Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina (with tomato and basil), pepata di cozze (spicy mussels), and the delightful Spaghetti alle vongole con Pomodoro (spaghetti with clams and tomatoes).

Vineyards are through the sunbaked coast and inland in the Sorrento Peninsula and greater Campania. Besides, grapes came to Campania by the Ancient Greeks. Some cult producers make fabulous wines. These include noble grapes such as the white Falanghina grape and the black Aglianico (“Hellenica”).


This guide leads you to a car drive on the Amalfi Coast.

It starts from Salerno. The guide then touches Vietri Sul Mare, Cetara, Erchie, Minori, Ravello, Amalfi, the Emerald Grotto, Furore, Positano to arrive in Sorrento.

Indeed, it includes photos and descriptions of the attractions of all the localities touched.

It contains many reviews for the best-recommended restaurants at the location described. So, you have the necessary information ready. The name, address, and telephone number are included in the guide and the review.

Author Enrico Massetti

Language English

Publisher Massetti Publishing Washington DC, USA

Paperback: 79 color Pages A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)
66 color images

Table of content

Enrico Massetti i

The Coast 1

Salerno 1

History 5

Where to eat in Salerno: 7

The Amalfi Coast 8

Vietri Sul Mare 8

Where to eat in Vietri Sul Mare: 13

Cetara 14

Where to eat in Cetara: 16

Erchie, Maiori 17

Minori 19

Minori 22

Where to eat in Minori: 22

Ravello 23

Celebrities in Ravello 25

Ravello and Boccaccio 27

Where to eat in Ravello: 28

Amalfi 29

History 31

Amalfi Cathedral 34

Exploring the Town 37

Where to eat in Amalfi: 40

Emerald Grotto 41

Furore 43

Where to eat in Furore: 45

Positano 46

Where to eat in Positano: 49

Sorrento 50

Culture 52

Sorrento main sites 53

Where to eat in Sorrento: 54

How to reach Sorrento 55

Campania Food & Recipes 57

Specialty Foods of Campania 58

Campania Recipes 60

Campania Recipes: 61

Other tourism guides 63

The Author 63

Travel books of the same author: 64

Things to Know 67

Table of content 72