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Tango Tips by the Maestros: When more than 40 maestros decide to help you develop your tango

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Author: Bronowski, Dimitris

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 273

Release Date: 27-02-2020

Details: What if you could get the advice of 40+ tango maestros in one single book?  This book brought together for the first time in the tango history icons of tango, judges of the World Tango Championship (Mundial de Tango), world champions, and experienced teachers from around the world, and asked them one question:If you could give a few pieces of advice that you consider extremely valuable to a few tens of thousands tangueros and tangueras, what would you say?The maestros covered topics from musicality to elegance, from connection to balance, from embrace to trust, from body awareness to the difference between good and great dancers. Together, they tackled questions such as developing a personal style, reducing tension, creating warmth, dancing more, learning faster, breaking through the plateau that keeps some people’s tango the same (hint: your technique is rarely the issue). The purpose of the book is one: to help the eager tanguero and tanguera enjoy tango more and discover actionable, clear, and simple advice to develop further the necessary skills of this beautiful dance. Disclaimer: This book is not intended for readers who haven’t had any tango classes. It is intended as a powerful supplement for those who are already learning and dancing argentine tango. A book by Dimitris Bronowski and Tango Argentino Festivals (.com).Our vision is to make tango empowering.   About the editor: Dimitris Bronowski, editor of Tango Tips by the Maestros, is the author of "Tangofulness: Exploring connection, awareness, and meaning in tango," the most translated tango book in the world. Moreover he is the creator of platforms such as Argentine Tango Books, Tango for Good, and Tango Argentino Festivals, and the driving force behind the European level adoption of the Tango Partner app. His vision is to bring more humanity to tango and double the ammount of people who dance tango worldwide.

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