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Tango Awareness - ABR

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Writer: Mauricio Castro

128 pages.

English Release

I was learning to dance the tango.
Looking and feeling great is only the beginning.
Find out how some dancers learn faster and better than others.

Understanding the solid principles of Tango Awareness will make your mind drift away into the comfort zone. Being yourself while you learn is easy.

As you read and slowly drift, you gain the power of understanding your unconscious. Propel yourself to the future of faster learning.

It is time to change to Tango Awareness.
-Release who you are.
-Express yourself through movement.
-Open up to new possibilities.

You are in the future, looking back at yourself. Tango Awareness was the best decision you ever made.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mauricio Castro is a renowned dancer and teacher of Argentine Tango and the founder of Tango Discovery. He created and developed a personal style of dancing and teaching tango in Buenos Aires, and then, through Tango Discovery, he brought it to the rest of the world.

To his solid musical education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), he added contemporary dance and movement technique studies (Laban Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and The Skinner Releasing Technique among others). In addition, he also studied Human Sciences in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Design Human Engineering, and Human Ecology.

The joining of these disciplines and influences allowed him to create his particular and unmistakable style, systematizing it into an innovative method to accelerate learning to dance.
Breaking out from rigid sequences, his focus is to develop improvisation skills through a dynamic and straightforward technique where students discover a relaxed and released style and a new way of expressing and communicating with their bodies.

The synthesis of his method, recognized worldwide by hundreds of dancers, is available not only by attending his classes but also in his books and cutting-edge multimedia CD-ROMs, available in several languages.

“From the beginning, Castro insists that the tango may and should be for anyone, something so pleasurable and common like breathing”.
From a review of “Tango, The Structure of the Dance Vol. 1”. In the newspaper “La Nación” (10/07/2001). Argentina.

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