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Tango Argentino a Pocket "Breviary" For Its Dancers

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Patricia Müller

translation by Margot J. Wylie

In this book, we discover the code of honor of the 'porteños' dancers of the Tango Milonguero who have remained 'uncontaminated' by the tourism surrounding the Tango and who are 70-80 years old.

Their behavior reflects concepts that were already spoken of in ancient China!

Let's discover together the ancient wisdom of Los Viejos Milongueros'.

You will be astonished by what you discover!

"Lost is all the time that in love is not spent." - Torquato Tasso
Patricia Müller has studied T'ai Chi Chuan, a medical-meditative version, since 1976 with Gia Fu Feng -
Since 1996, in addition to Tao, she also teaches Tango purely and always only Milonguero or Tango de Salon Apilado.
Why do you feel better thanks to myofascial exercises?
This is about the connective tissue, the myofascial system, that wraps around the whole body, inside and out, giving it its shape.
T'ai Chi Chuan or Yoga (so also TaoYoga and Qi Gong) do not develop muscle enlargement but have a deeper effect as well as increasing endurance. Healthy myofascial nourish the body more, and allied myofascial absorb and transmit more force.
Through the myofascial, a greater relaxation is able to enter deeper into the body nourishing it to the maximum.
So it comes naturally that she applies all of this in her courses of T'ai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Postural Fitness, and Tango de Salón Apilado...
Patricia has written seven books on the Tao.

Published in the USA by Massetti Publishing, Washington DC

Language English

ISBN 978-1-716-41723-8