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Tango an anxious quest for freedom - ABR

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Writers: Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel

Translated by Martin Harvey, 115 pages with illustrations.

The Book
For the first time, a literary work on tango dynamics attempts to dialogue about this dance's technical and theoretical aspects, that is, ¨porteña¨, and shows us to the world.

Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel have investigated for years to contain the driving ideas of tango and have come up with this synthesis. If the reader happens to be a tango dancer, they will be able to corroborate and raise awareness of the internal processes that take part during his dancing performances. On the other hand, if the reader is not a tango dancer, this book will help understand why it has been said that tango is the most profound dance in the history of humankind.

It is far from the author's intention to teach any figures, sequences, or "choreographic" secrets through this book. Instead, to fathom the depths of this beautiful dance, its history, and its expressive capacity, penetrating the anatomic attitudes and psychological postures of the individual dancer as well as of the couple, dealing in detail each topic in each different chapter.
The authors disclose the techniques that, as Rodolfo Dinzel states, make the amateur and the professional dancer observant of posture, gesture, air, attitude, character… of the overall manner that constitutes tango-dance as opposed to simply moving to the rhythm of tango.

This new turn of the century sees tango widespread worldwide; its figures and names, sequences, and choreography are what we first and faster catch on. Of course, this is only tango's form. But Argentineans and not-Argentineans alike know, as we step into the pleasure of this dance, how arduous to reach the appropriate manner is; as we also know that only through the form can we dance the tango and inspiringly transmit its essence, each time the music plays and two dancers embrace into a tango couple.

Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel traveled all the world around dancing the tango as members of the company "Tango Argentino," putting up performances as dancers and choreographers, one of such made Mikhail Baryshnikov say that tango "is a dance of indescribable beauty, with the finesse of ballet and the fire of flamenco."

Tango, an anxious quest for freedom, first published in Argentina in 1994, was translated to German and published in 1999. Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel are authors of The Dinzel System of Choreographic Notation. This work covers over 3,600 tango figures. They are presently devoted to teaching and studying improvisation, mechanics technique, and a theory to practice, all of these issues that await publication soon.

Press Release
"Rarely did a book, whose presentation did not promise much, move me deeply."
Claudia Tiemann, Tangodanza magazine, Germany

"The Dinzels danced the tango drawing the purest and finest aesthetic lines. Thus they awake the deepest feeling that nostalgia could claim on."
 Clarin Newspaper, Buenos Aires

"The fleet-footed Dinzels dance as if the stage were burning."
Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

"Tango as you've never seen before."
 Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press

"And the Dinzels lacked nothing in fast-flying spiffiness."
Los Angeles Times

"And how Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel keeps the tango from becoming a tangle during the intricate El Entrerriano is a mystery."
Kyle Lawson, The Phoenix Gazette

"The Dinzels display a different way to dance the tango,… feeling in dance…in the words of Enrique Santos Discepolo. They dance the tango in its different styles, modern, arrabalero and cayengue, always supported by an excellent technique."
Geral do Brasil

"Devilish dance, witchcraft music where haughtiness and passion rule. Tango marveled the audience at the theater yesterday evening."
Arts et Spectacles, Quebec

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