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Our Tango World vol.1: Learning & Community

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Author: Italia, Iona

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 264

Release Date: 03-12-2018

Details: Join Terpsichoral Tangoaddict, aka Iona Italia, on a sharply observed journey through the world of Buenos Aires tango. Along the way, we get to meet Terpsi’s partners in crime: The Slow Semite, The Leprechaun, and Pretty Salony Boy; her teachers, the ever-patient Master of Calm, El Chino and others; her friends Foxy, The Sylph and Mr. Hugman, as well as occasional dance partners Flirty Boy and The Turk. It is, however, no travel memoir but a guide to our tango world. Instead, this first volume focuses on the learning experience and concludes with a guide to creating solid and healthy tango communities. Terps believes passionately in learning and practice as the route not just to mastery of the dance but to an ever-deepening world of pleasure and enjoyment. With her guidance, perhaps we can leave the Land of the Long-Term Beginners and gradually make our way towards the sunnier uplands of Tango Elysium.

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Languages: English

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