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New Glossary of Tango Dance + DVD - ABR

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Writer: Gustavo Benzecry Sabá

100 Pages with photos + 1 DVD showing 285 Tango words and movements.

English release

The New Glossary of Tango Dance comes is the result of a 10 year long thoughtful research. Its first edition, published in 2004 was an outstanding success. It´s demand all over the world made it be re-printed several times.

It is a pleasure to have its 2010 edition, coming along with the year of Argentina´s bicentennial anniversary.

In this New Glossary of Tango Dance, Benzecry Sabá sets out with approximately 390 terms; he digs deeper in the description of Tango Styles and ads illustrative pictures of significant importance. He has also included from the eldest ´til the newest expressions –rooted in Buenos Aires– that build up the vocabulary of the tango dancer. He has also increased the number of professionals that had been asked about different subjects.

This time, the book is presented exclusively in English with a knit, reader-friendly design.

Thus, this is a book that is useful both for teachers and students, as well as for the versed dancers that had been able to witness the world-wide development of the dance that has been captivating the world´s attention for over 150 years.

• prologe byJuan Carlos Copes and Carlos Gavito
• epílogue by Miguel Angel Zotto
• colour pictures with Annatina Luck and Daniel Aranda
• more than 20 argentine teachers and dancers consulted and interviewed
• more than 350 Tango Danza terms
• the first attempt to organize the different tango styles
• cover ilustration by Ernesto Bertani (National and Municipal prize of art)

Gustavo Javier Benzecry Sabá was born on April 26th 1959, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1982 he obtained a BS degree in Journalism. For fifteen years he conducted various radio programs and edited various graphic media.

He then worked almost simultaneously as a Chemistry Teacher, Musician, Videomaker and Graphic Designer. His first book La mujer de los dioses, cuentos fantásticos, was published by Ed. Vinciguerra in 1999.

Some of his work is also to be found in Cuentistas de fin de siglo, an anthology published by the same Publisher.
He first discovered Tango Danza in the late 1990’s and started teaching the following year. He has specialised in men’s techniques, but has also studied women’s techniques in depth.

In 2004 he published Tango Danza Glossary – Key Tango Argentino Dance Terms, a bilingual Spanish /
English reference work, and in 2006, La Pista del Abrazo – Técnicas y metáforas entre el Tango y la Vida, translated to different languages. Both books were published by Editorial ABRAZOS books.

In 2009 Gustavo Benzecry Sabá showed at different international festivals and with an educational purpose,
his documentary Historia del Tango Danza (1940 – 1960), Los años dorados, translated into English by
María Olivera, his companion in dancing and life.

Nowadays he performs and teaches and lectures in Buenos Aires, the United States and Europe.

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