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Inside the Show Tango Argentino

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Antón Gazenbeek

The Story of the Most Important  Tango Show of All Time

During the dark years of military dictatorship, Tango had fallen into oblivion worldwide, even in Argentina.

 The "Tango Argentino" show led to the worldwide revival of interest in Tango.

It made its debut in Paris, then conquered Broadway and, later, the whole world.

In the book, that Antón has been researching for 17 years in Buenos Aires and around the world, he describes Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, Miguel Ángel Zotto, and Milena Plebs, Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel, Gloria and Eduardo, Virulazo, and Elvira.

Every committed tanguero/a should know the history of the revival of Tango: this book is for them!

In the book, we face the myths of dancers, musicians, and singers. It tells us some gossip about the fights and jealousies behind the scenes. It tells us also about the creation of clothes, now icons of any tango show. It is final: only by knowing the beginning of this new era can we better understand its current global success.

Tango is a universal language!

Produced in the USA by Massetti Publishing Washington DC

ISBN 978-1-716-87995-1