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I Am Tango. Biography of María Nieves - ABR

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Writer: María Oliva

“Tango dance has something extraordinary: it’s the communication within the couple. When we dance it, we feel an endless number of emotions, such as love and hate. I was born to dance the tango, and I will die for my tango.”
                             María Nieves

After several months of interviews with María Nieves, the author of this book was able to shape a biography and, with extraordinary generosity, relinquished her first-person voice to the dancer who transcended borders and represented Argentina to the world. In this book, María Nieves is sensitively led to tell about her life: her darkest and happiest moments.

I’m María from Buenos Aires!

From Buenos Aires María, can’t you see who I am?
María tango, María of the arrabal!
María night, María fatal passion!
María of love! From Buenos Aires am I!

(Verse from the tango-opera “María de Buenos Aires,” lyrics by Horacio Ferrer and music by Ástor Piazzolla)

María Oliva has an undergraduate degree in Information Sciences (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba), a Master’s degree in Journalism (Universidad de la Florida) and a Master’s in International Relations (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales). She is the editor of the International section of the newspaper, El Cronista Comercial, where she has worked for more than 20 years.

Ten years ago, she fell in love with tango. When she became acquainted with the famous dancer, María Oliva was convinced that María Nieves represented the feminine essence of this famous dance. Thus the idea to write about her life and career was born.

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