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Getting To Know: Twenty Tango Orchestras

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Author: Thomas, David

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 238

Release Date: 01-10-2016

Details: Be transported back to the Golden Age of Tango and bring to life the best loved tango orchestras. Who were the orchestra leaders, the musicians, and the singers that brought us this unique sound? And what musical clues did they leave for us to recognise them? The author David Thomas answers these questions and introduces us to the tango musicians as if we were mutual friends. Supported by on-line music and film tracks this book lets you read about, listen to, and watch the tango maestros. The twenty popular tango orquestras are sub divided into 4 categories for easy assimilation: The Simple: Canaro, Lomuto, Firpo, Donato, Orquesta Tipica Victor; The Rhythmic: D’Arienzo, Biagi, Tanturi, Rodriguez, Malerba; The Lyrical: Fresedo, Di Sarli, Caló, Demare, D’Agostino, De Angelis; The Complex: De Caro, Laurenz, Pugliese, Troilo. Then each chapter has four parts: the personal history of the orchestra leader; the signature sounds of the orchestra; the singers; and the musicians. The reader can cross refer to the linked music and films in order to enjoy a multi-media experience. Reviews from tango dancers, milonga organisers, DJs, and teachers: ‘There is a charming balance of detail and flow, to make a light and readable story that helps you grow in your understanding. The movement of key people, especially singers across orquestras is also tracked in an accessible way.’ ‘It will become one of your go to books when looking up about music.’ ‘I like how you have packed this book with readily useful information in a concise form. Your writing has a nice friendly, helpful style’. ‘David’s book is thougtfully written, concise, and entertaining. It’s full of insightful knowledge no matter if you’re a newbie to tango or have loads of knowledge and experience.’ ‘It’s a great read, you’ll find stacks of facts, some lively Golden Age gossip and enecdotes, and if you read it while checking out the recommended tracks you’ll have an all-over brilliant multi-media experience.’

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