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Cremona Violins, Art, Food. Bicycles, If You Like Them. ebook

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Enrico Massetti

Cremona is a reference point for the art of violinmaking in the world and boasts some of the most significant monuments of the past, like the Cathedral, Baptistery, and splendid Town Hall square.

The museums testify to the town's archeological importance and the famous art of the Renaissance painters. It celebrates violinmakers' history, including the Amati, Guarneri del Gesù, and the great Antonio Stradivari: the theaters celebrate Monteverdi and Ponchielli music.

The relationship of the town of Cremona with the river Po is direct, energetic, and spontaneous. This guide leads you on a visit to Cremona, the city of Violinmakers. The famous Stradivarius was from Cremona. Cremona is also renowned for its rich cuisine, here it is illustrated in many details.

The guide includes photos and descriptions of the attractions, churches, museums, and travel info. In addition, it has a complete section with the history of the town.

It includes several itineraries for bicycle trips in the area.