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Cremona Violins, Art, Food. Bicycles, If You Like Them.

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Enrico Massetti

Cremona is a reference point for the art of violinmaking in the world and boasts some of the most significant monuments of the past, like the Cathedral, Baptistery, and splendid Town Hall square.

The museums testify to the town's archeological importance and the famous art of the Renaissance painters. It celebrates violinmakers' history, including the Amati, Guarneri del Gesù, and the great Antonio Stradivari: the theaters celebrate Monteverdi and Ponchielli music.

The relationship of the town of Cremona with the river Po is direct, energetic, and spontaneous. This guide leads you on a visit to Cremona, the city of Violinmakers. The famous Stradivarius was from Cremona. Cremona is also renowned for its rich cuisine, here it is illustrated in many details.

The guide includes photos and descriptions of the attractions, churches, museums, and travel info. In addition, it has a complete section with the history of the town.

It includes several itineraries for bicycle trips in the area.

Author Enrico Massetti

Language English

Publisher Massetti Publishing Washington DC, USA

Print Book: 112 color Pages Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

ISBN 978-1-716-32234-1

Italian edition

Table of Content

Enrico Massetti i

Table of Content iv

Cremona 1

Itinerary suggestion 2

One day visit 2

Cremona Cathedral 4

Cathedral Interior 6

Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament 8

Chapel of Our Lady 9

Sant’Omobono Crypt 10

Cathedral Prothyrum 11

Bertazzola 14

Façades of the transepts and apse 14

The Torrazzo 15

The Baptistery 17

Interior of the Baptistery 18

Piazza Sant’Antonio Maria Zaccaria 18

The City Hall Palace 18

The Violin Museum 19

Antonio Stradivari House 22

Natural History Museum & park 23

Archaeological Museum 23

"Ala Ponzone" City Museum 24

Music 26

Events in Cremona 29

Cremona Musica 29

A community as big as the world 30

Stradivari Festival 31

Monteverdi Festival 32

Torrone festival: the legend 33

Ugo Tognazzi Gastronomic Award 34

Cremona Summer Festival 35

History of Cremona 37

The origins and the Roman Age 37

The Middle Ages 39

The Renaissance and the Spanish rule 41

From the Austrians to today 43

Cremona cuisine 46

What to eat in Cremona? 46

Torrone di Cremona 47

Torrone - Ingredients 47

How to make the Torrone (Nougat): 48

Bollito Misto 49

Recipe Bollito Misto: The Ingredients 50

How to make the Bollito misto: 50

Mostarda 51

Mostarda di Cremona origins 52

Marubini Cremonesi 53

Cheese 54

Salami - Salame Cremonese IGP 54

Cotechino Cremonese vaniglia 56

Where to eat in Cremona. 58

Locanda Torriani 58

Il Violino 59

Osteria La Sosta 60

Le Scuderie 61

Osteria del Melograno 62

Chiave di Bacco 63

La Lucciola 64

Ugo Grill 65

WishPub 66

Pasticceria Dondeo 67

Where to stay in Cremona 68

Hotel Impero 68

Palazzo Carasi Apartments 69

Albergo Visconti 71

Cremona Province 73

La Strada del Gusto Cremonese The Cremonese Taste Route 73

Bicycle itineraries in Cremona 75

From Cremona to Casalmaggiore 75

Along the Cremonese canals 78

The cycle route of the walled cities 80

Music in the wind 81

Along the Po, westward, Lodigiano - Cremonese 83

The Strada Regina cycle path 84

The floodplain of the Po 85

Bicycling in Cremona 87

Bicycling in Cremona online resources 88

How to get to Cremona 89

Getting to Cremona by train 91

Getting to Cremona by car 92

Getting to Cremona by bus 92

Official Tourist Organizations 93

Other tourism guides 95

The Author 95

Things to Know 96

Photo Credits 102