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Chiaravalle One Day from Milan

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Enrico Massetti

This guide covers a short one-day or even half-day trip you can make from Milan to the Chiaravalle Abbey.
It includes a detailed description of Abbey's history, the agricultural land surrounding it, and the monks who built it over the centuries.
It also has a detailed description of the unique agriculture in the area of the Po Valley, where the Abbey is located.
There are extensive descriptions and photos of the Abbey and its unique environment.
There is information on where you can rest for a snack or lunch inside the Abbey; the restaurants nearby are listed.
There is also information on Abbey's opening days and times and detailed information on reaching the Abbey from Milan with public transportation, a bicycle, or your car.
There is a list of places to rent a bicycle for one day or longer. In addition, it has a detailed, illustrated guide on how to get there from Milan with a bike.

The guide is ideal for all visitors who enjoy riding bicycles as it gives clear directions on the streets to follow, in addition to the historical and architectural information.
The book includes the history of the Cistercian monks.

The digital e-guide is ideal for use on your smartphone or your tablet.

Author Enrico Massetti

Language English

Publisher Massetti Publishing Washington DC. USA

Paperback, 76 color pages, A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm) 35 color images

ISBN 978-1-716-00799-6

Book, 76 Pages

Print Book: A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm), Standard Color, 80# White, Paperback


Enrico Massetti i

One day trip to Chiaravalle Abbey 1

History of the Abbey 2

From the foundation to the 17th century 3

Eighteenth-Century to Present. 6

Wilhelma the Bohemian 7

Description - The entrance 8

The square 8

The Church 9

The façade 9

The Inside 11

The wooden chorus 12

The tiburium (dome) 12

The transept 13

Pipe organ 14

The presbytery 14

The Madonna of Goodnight 14

The Sacristy 15

The Cloister 15

The Chapter 16

Chapter 17

The Nolare tower, called Ciribiciaccola 17

The bell tower 20

The Marcita 21

History of the Marcita 21

Structure and Operation of the Marcita 22

The current evolution of the Marcita 22

The Chiaravalle Abbey Mill 22

The history and the recovery. 23

Restoration 26

The Abbey Shop 31

The Ristoro 33

At the Ristoro 33

To accompany 34

Open with the following hours: 35

At lunch 35

Info on the Abbey 35

Where to eat in Chiaravalle 36

How to get to Chiaravalle: 39

Going by bicycle 39

Stores where you can rent a bike for an entire day: 40

Rent a scooter: If you prefer, you can also rent a scooter 41

How to go to Chiaravalle with a bike 41

History of the Cistercensians monks 43

The government of the order 44

The development of the order 46

The division of the order and its reforms 48

Decadence and revival 49

Other tourism guides 52 52

The Author 52

Travel books of the same author: 54

Things to Know 58