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- Calabria Sea - Mountains - Nature

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Often called the Switzerland of the South, Calabria covers the mountainous toe of Italy. Here one finds the most beautiful forests and the hillsides covered with the white leaves of ancient olive trees.

Traveling between the Calabrian mountains, you are in a region bounded by two seas of approximately eight hundred kilometers coasts in an extraordinary land of outstanding beauty.

For this configuration, incalculable views are present. Nevertheless, nature has a plot magnificently, the lines that talent and human work must follow, or art efforts can improve.

The guide describes Calabria's 800 km of pristine coastline in detail, as well as the nature parks and reserves. In addition, it includes the Sports available.

This guide also leads you in a drive in Calabria, starting from Maratea and then going to Papasidero, Cosenza, the Sila mountains, Crotone, Pizzo Calabro, Tropea and Capo Vaticano, Locri, Pentedattilo, to end up in Reggio Calabria.

It includes info on regional food.

Author Enrico Massetti

Language English

Publisher Massetti Publishing Washington DC. USA

Paperback:  120 color Pages Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)