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Berlin Tango

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Author: McAleer, Kevin

Brand: PalmArtPress

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 274

Release Date: 15-06-2020

Details: Product Description Fiction. Steve is an American in Berlin and a man in crisis. He has reached a stage in his expatriate existence where he feels only frustration--with his work, milieu, and life. The sole thing he takes genuine joy in is tango dancing. While cultivating this passion one evening, he makes the acquaintance of Sonja, an enigmatic woman who is suffering a similar malaise. Steve plunges into an affair with her. But what begins as an erotic adventure turns into a frenzy of emotion that he never thought possible. Set against the backdrop of present-day Berlin, this novel is a story of desire and the quest for love within a traditional form--but in a time when Facebook, smartphones, and Internet dating sites chaperone the mating dance. "The search for both authentic and requited feeling beyond pure sex."--Deutschlandfunk Kultur From the Inside Flap "We walked down the stairs leading to the dancefloor. When we got there, we went into a close embrace, Sonja notching her head in mine. I could feel her weight; she was all there, not some limp dishrag in your arms. I bided my time, letting the music wash over us, then took that first step. It felt good. She was completely present. I did a cradle then rocked into the second step. Yes, this felt very good. It was a full dancefloor, and maybe it was the crush, but that's when the intimacy began, just a certain moment when all barriers fell away. We didn't dance worth a damn. At least not me. And my dancing was poor since I wasn't thinking steps. They say you shouldn't think steps, that thinking's a liability, but they never tell you that you can first stop thinking steps after training them three times a week for the past five years. Before Picasso could forget everything he'd learned and become Picasso, he first had to learn to draw. I had to focus on steps to dance anything remotely resembling tango, and I wasn't focused on steps. I was focused on us, on her breasts jammed against my chest, on her supple waist, her smooth hand in mine, on the shared space where our faces met, on her sour breath, from the beer and wine, though I breathed it gratefully." About the Author Kevin McAleer grew up in Los Angeles, received his doctorate in history from the University of California, and now lives as a writer and translator in Berlin. His stories and essays have appeared in both German and American periodicals. Notable among his books are the epic poem ERROL FLYNN: AN EPIC LIFE (PalmArtPress 2018), which eminent film critic Rex Reed praised as "a daring adventure in biographical refurbishment," and the historical monograph DUELING: THE CULT OF HONOR IN FIN-DE-SIÈCLE GERMANY (Princeton Legacy Library 2014), a social portrait of duelists in Imperial Germany which The Wall Street Journal commended as "vivid and appalling" and the Encyclopaedia Britannica acclaimed one of its "Books of the Year."

EAN: 9783962580513

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Languages: English

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