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Apulia A Car Trip ebook

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Enrico Massetti

This small book describes a fifteen-day car trip. It's an itinerary you can take in Apulia and the neighboring regions. The itinerary starts from the town of Ortona, a Mare in Abruzzo.

It goes through several cities of Apulia. It continues then to Matera, a stunning town in Basilicata, vibrant with history, cave hotels, and authentic Italian food. The time to visit Matera is now. The ancient city of Basilicata could be Italy's next great attraction.

The itinerary then returns to Apulia. Finally, it touches several other cities to arrive in Alberobello. The city is known for its trulli, whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs. The hilltop Rione Monti district has hundreds of them.

The itinerary continues with other towns in Apulia and the Gargano peninsula. Finally, it enters the National Park, home to the last remaining part of the oak and beech Forest Umbra. It once covered most of central Europe.

It passes through Termoli to end up again in Ortona al Mare.

Apulia - A Car Trip: optional extension to the Tremiti Islands:

The guide also describes a possible visit to the Tremiti Islands from Termoli and how to get there. Several ferry companies provide transportation services to these islands. The service is available from different ports, with or without the possibility of bringing your car with you. Using Google to find the right solution for your needs is confusing if you don't understand Italian. It took me, an Italian born in Italy, a full day to figure out what was available and when. Also, what websites are the ones you should use? In the guide, I present to you the outcome of my research. Many of the top Google results can be complete thanks to advertising, not because they are relevant and essential.

Also, the guide includes a chapter on the food and wine of Apulia. A list of local recipes is present; the original recipes' links are active in the digital editions.